New Hatchery for 2009!

14 03 2009

After monsoon tides had destroyed our hatchery, we enlisted the help of Hong Kong International School to help us build a new one. On a recent fieldtrip to Tioman Island, the school dedicated a morning to securing the hatchery in place ready for the 2009 season.

HKIS building the new hatchery

The new hatchery was entirely funded by generous students from GEMS World Academy Dubai who got together and rose over RM 1000 for the Melina Beach Turtle Programme. Hong Kong International School also left a generous donation of over RM 400.

The finished hatchery

We wish to thank everybody involved for their hard work and generosity, which has given us a great start to what we hope is a very successful season!


Hawksbill nests at Melina Beach!

16 11 2008


We were delighted to see a Hawksbill nest on Melina Beach this year, right next to our Penthouse! This is a rarity since the Hawksbill is a critically endangered species, and we were thrilled to release 72 hatchlings in August. We hope this small effort will make a difference to the turtle populations around the island!

The hatchery over the years…

16 09 2008

Our hatchery has been in development for almost 10 years, and it has come such a long way! Starting from scratch, the hatchery has vastly improved, as we have learned more and more, and we’re going to keep improving it!