Student Participation

Melina Beach Sign

Melina Beach is host to a number of school trips run by Ecofieldtrips Pte Ltd. Students come to Pulau Tioman to learn about the Biology, Ecology and Geography of the various ecosystems on the island. Since their base is at Melina Beach Resort, many are lucky enough to see a nest buried or even to see and help hatchlings be released!  EFT Staff member Jen Chapman giving the Turtle Conservation presentation

Ecofieldtrips has integrated a program on turtle conservation into  their trips to  raise awareness about the issues surrounding turtles  and the anthropegenic  effects on them.

Students recieve a presentation on the life history of turtles and the  problems they now face. They then visit the hatchery and follow up  with a nest digging competition! This has proved a highly successful and enjoyable addition to the trip, and EFT staff have been impressed with the creativity and dedication that some students have shown during this activity.

A "mother" turtle digging his nest!

Sand Mother Turtle, her nest and her tracks up the beach!

Sand Turtle Hatchling with GPS tracking device on it's back - not entirely accurate but we still love it!

EFT Students releasing hatchlings at sunset

One response

20 05 2009

Hi …it’s the green group from AISS. We can’t wait to see our hatchlings. We have named some of our 174 adopted potential turtles…incuding: Patrick and Peter, Chip and Bip, Spot, Fergie, Prototype 3, Billabong, Rip and Curl, Sheldon and shelly! turltes Rock…..go little hatchlings!

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