38 nests and counting!

2 10 2008

We have come so far since starting this little project in 2000, and 2008 has been our most successful year ever, with a whopping 75% live hatchling success rate!

This hatchery started small, only one nest per year for three years, but as we learned and improved our methods and the hatchery, as well as develop relationships with the locals, our numbers have soared!

All-in-all we have relocated over 3500 eggs and released over 2600 hatchlings! 1293 were in 2008 alone.

The season has ended now for the turtles of Tioman, and our hatchery is empty, for now, but we eagerly await next year, and the next generation of marine turtles!

The species that nest on Tioman are Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Our hatchery mostly contains Green turtle eggs because the Hawksbill species is now critically endangered, throughout its entire range. Over the past 8 years, we have only had 4 Hawksbill nests! We hope that our efforts will provide some, if only a little, relief to the local population, which we occasionally see when snorkeling on the Melina Beach house reef!

If you are staying at Melina Beach as a guest or a student, please feel free to look at our record book at reception for more information and photo’s!!

The hatchery over the years…

16 09 2008

Our hatchery has been in development for almost 10 years, and it has come such a long way! Starting from scratch, the hatchery has vastly improved, as we have learned more and more, and we’re going to keep improving it!