About Melina Beach Turtle Hatchery

Welcome to the official Melina Beach Turtle Hatchery Blog!

We’re very excited to be here, to have a place where guests and students alike can keep up-to-date with the progress of our hatchery!

The hatchery was started in 2000 when Melina Beach owner Peter Witzigman noticed that turtles were laying their nests right on his doorstep, and that locals were collecting them to sell at the market. Melina Beach now works closely with Ecofieldtrips, a company that runs educational field trips to Tioman Island, and the hatchery has gone from strength to strength.

Although egg-collecting is a long standing tradition, the skills for which are passed down through generations, it is no longer sustainable. Turtle populations are attacked at all stages of their lives, both from natural and human pressures and all species of sea turtle are now classed as endangered. Without intervention, we may lose these beautiful, ancient creatures from our ocean’s forever.

We work closely with local egg-collectors to safely relocate eggs to our sheltered hatchery, where they will be protected from poachers and natural predators such as ghost crabs, monitor lizards, cats and dogs.

Our hatchery has expanded drastically over the last 8 years, with established relationships with local egg collectors, meaning they bring the eggs to us instead of the markets. We then bury them in a nest, shaped as much as possible to natural nest of that particular species. 2008 has been our most successful year ever! We have had so many nests this year that we’ve had to build a new hatchery.

As a guest or student that has stayed at Melina Beach, you may have had the privilege of seeing a nest relocated and buried in our hatchery, or if, if you were really lucky, a turtle laying her eggs. This blog is a great opportunity for you to follow the development of those eggs, right up to the point of release!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or spread the word!!!

4 responses

27 04 2009
Ashlee Jones

Hi, This is Ashlee and I was on Tioman Island On April 2009 and I and from AISS.
I just wasnted to let you guys know that i had so much fun on camp and i just wanted to say Thank You.
Whoever is reading this can you please say Hi to Rich/Richo/Mr Rich/Richard for me and Say its from Ashlee ,The pink lover and Say He LOST.

Thank you once agian and keep doing wat your doing!!!!!

18 08 2010
Klaus paech


the students of the 7 grade collected some monay during some scholl event (german school kl) for the ´melina beach turtle hatchery´. Please send me your bank and the accountnumber, so I can trasfer the monay.

Thank you very much

klaus päch

28 10 2010

Hey, my names Ruby and Im from AISS too, same time as Ashlaa.
Thanks so so much for all the stuff we learnt and all the fun we had!!!

That camp was awesome and I hope I can get back there!!!!
Thanks to Jen, she taught ud alot.

Cya thankyou!!!!!

28 10 2010

Hey also how are the turtle eggs we got in april 2009?

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