Are you Green with envy?

13 04 2010

Another Green turtle has laid her nest on the beach adjacent to Melina Beach! Unfortunately, this time there were no witnesses, but high tide meant that no unwanted visitors made it to the nest that night!

Green Turtle tracks next to Melina Beach

Ecofieldtrips’ Managing Director Bridget Hedderman was informed of the nest early in the morning of the 4th April. We measured the tracks and determined that it was a different turtle to the previous week.

All in a morning's work

It ┬áis really fantastic to know that turtles are still nesting naturally around Melina Beach – it means there is not too much human disturbance in terms of noise and light that has deterred mother turtles from laying their eggs on several of Tioman’s beaches for years now.

Female turtles lay their eggs on the same beach from which they hatched – even after years of migration. How they navigate their return nobody knows! Some think they “taste” the chemical signature of the sand when they are released, some think they can use the Earth’s magnetic core. Either way, it is a magical thing that these turtles would have hatched from these beaches decades ago. We hope that the hatchlings from our hatchery have safe beaches to return to when they become parents too!