First Hatchlings of the season!

1 06 2009

We’ve had our first hatchlings!!

We’re proud to announce that the first nest laid on the 3rd April 2009 have now hatched! 70 out of the 103 Green hatchlings were born over a period of four days from the 27th to the 30th of May giving the nest a 78% success rate!

The hatchlings were released immediately making their way down the beach into the big blue ocean. It is likely that if they survive to adulthood in about 20 years, the female turtles will navigate their return to Melina Beach to lay their eggs! It is not fully understood how they know to return to the exact same beach but many scientists believe that the turtles can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and use this to find their way.

Ecofieldtrips staff were busy in the office in Singapore, and so there was no photographs to document this event, but this is one of our Green hatchlings from last year making it’s first steps towards freedom!

Hatchling heading out the sea in front of Melina Beach

We still expect to have nests delivered and we’ll keep you updated on this and when more nests begin to hatch which should be any day now!!!

Thanks to GEMS World Academy for funding, and HKIS for building a successful hatchery!



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