Ready, Set….GO!

27 04 2009

It’s all kicking off at Melina Beach – since our last post we’ve been so busy there hasn’t even been time to update the blog! Ecofieldtrips is running at full throttle and Australian International School Singapore students have taken over Melina Beach Resort for the last few weeks. The timing could not have been more perfect, we’ve had an abundance of nests delivered to the hatchery! Most of the students were lucky enough to watch the egg relocations, and some even did their part in burying them!

AIS Student burying an egg in our hatchery

Ecofieldtrips have also added another activity to their Turtle Conservation programme – A nest digging competition!!! After learning more about the biology and conservation of Marine Turtles – the students have to dig their very own nest (they, of course, may lay eggs if they wish) and fashion the mother “sand” turtle next to it! This has proved a fantastic activity and we are blown away by the enthusiam and creativity of the students!

Karen Chen demonstrating how to dig a nest

Sand Turtle with Nest

First Nest of 2009!

12 04 2009

Turtle tracks

In the early hours of 3rd April, we took in 103 Green Turtle eggs from the other side of the stream from the Penthouse at Melina Beach Resort. Ecofieldtrips’ staff were on location to bury these eggs in the newly finished hatchery!

EFT Staff Member Jen Chapman burying the eggs

We are so happy to welcome the first batch of eggs and have very high hopes for the coming season! We’ll keep updating you on the comings and goings of our turtles, and will be reporting on the hatchlings in 45-50 days!